Popsicles! Or ice blocks or icy poles as they are called in Australia. What a fun idea for summer days, when temperatures have already reached well into the 40s, bushfires are burning out of control in several states, and we all wish we lived a lot closer to the beach.


When I read the lovely Swah’s prompt for this month’s Sweet Adventures Blog Hop, it brought back memories of hot, hot summer days when my brother and I were much younger, living on the edge of the Nullarbor. Those were the days; running around with our friends, barefoot in shorts, never a care in the world. Happy food memories were made there, too, when Mum would get creative with fun, sweet ways of cooling her babies down. There was vanilla ice cream served in cups and sprinkled with 100s & 1000s. There were rainbow jelly cups. And there were icy poles.


My favourite flavour, the only one I remember well, was the apricot. As far as I can recall, she simply shook a can of apricot nectar, punched two holes in the top (one for air, one for juice) and poured it into the moulds. Freeze and eat! I can imagine she sent us outside with these and let us lick to our heart’s delight, meanwhile dripping sticky juice down onto round tummies. I actually made some of those this week for old times’ sake. Simple and good.


My choice for this month’s blog hop is also simple. Not juice, but jelly. Jelly and fruit. Jellied fruit popsicles. For those with time at a premium, this one’s a winner!These are basically a frozen version of a retro dessert, one which I remember eating a lot on school camps. But made with sugar-free jelly and fresh summer fruits, they’re a lot more fun!


Made in honour of my mum, who poured her love into making foodie treats for our comfort and enjoyment.

Frozen Jelly Fruit Icy Poles
Adapted from

1 packet of jelly (any flavour)
1 cup of fresh fruit
Ice block moulds

Prepare the jelly according to the packet directions. Cut the fruit into bite sized pieces and place into the moulds. Fill with jelly in the liquid state. Place in freezer for at least four hours before devouring. {Enjoyed best when partially defrosted… the jelly is a teensy bit wobbly, and the fruit a bit soft.}

*I used strawberry flavoured jelly and 2 white peaches.

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10 thoughts on “Frozen Jelly Fruit Icy Poles”

  1. I think it’s great that we used the same fruits but made very different popsicles! Versatile! I love jelly icy-poles as they remind me of my childhood too – I was born in New Zealand but came here when I was little, and every time we went back my sister & I would get a ‘Jelly-Tip’ ice-cream as a treat. It’s 2/3rds ice-cream and 1/3 jelly (the tip, funnily enough!) all coated in chocolate. Simple but delicious! We still get one when we go back now, all these years later!

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