Living in an international community means that sometimes one has to explain and illustrate one’s own culture for the benefit and education of others! To that end, therefore, I volunteered to make Lamingtons. These fundraiser favourites are one of only a handful of dishes that Australia can claim as their own; part of an authentic Aussie-designed cuisine. All else has been handed down from each migrant group as they arrived and made Australia home.

So, Lamingtons – what are they? Cubes of stale cake (butter, sponge) coated in chocolate icing and coconut. I found the recipe here, and decided to go with the easy option. I found that the local bakery had a frozen butter cake all ready to go – yay! The rest is fairly straightforward. Make a chocolate icing and dip cubes of cake in that first, then in desiccated coconut, and let drip-dry on a cooling rack. Store a while before serving, to let icing sink into cake. Yum!

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