When a friend offered to pay me back “in kind” I knew just what to ask for. Rhubarb. Fresh, home grown, organic rhubarb. Of all the things that could turn me into an avid gardener, rhubarb would be it. It’s one of my favourite fruits, but also the one that never seems to go down in price! There are plans to plant some; of course… they just haven’t yet come to fruition. In the meantime, having friends who grow it will have to suffice. So when a former colleague asked me to come and take photos of her students and be paid in rhubarb, I was more than happy to help.


A short 20-minute drive from home and we got to meet some sweet new Australians (aka refugees) who are keen to continue their study of theology in English and come together every week to do so. Over the course of the next hour or so, I attempted to capture their eagerness and joy on film, my son got to attend (yet another) play group and we came away blessed. Not only had we made new friends, we had an armful of rhubarb and a bag full of rocket leaves, freshly picked. I am not yet sure how to use the rocket, but had no doubt where the rhubarb was going!


Perfect for sharing over a cuppa, this rhubarb, orange and hazelnut cake is my contribution to a virtual biggest morning tea hosted by JJ of 84th & 3rd along with Sally of Simmer & Boyle to raise funds for the Cancer Council of Australia. Though I haven’t yet been touched personally by cancer, we all know someone who has. So put the kettle on, grab a cuppa and some cake, and if you’re feeling generous, follow the links to the fundraising page. Any money you give will be used to fund research, community education and support for those affected by the disease.


Rhubarb, Orange and Hazelnut Cake {gluten-free}
Serves 8

3 eggs
2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar, plus ¼ cup extra
2 teaspoons finely grated orange zest
2/3 vegetable oil
1 ¼ cups gluten-free plain flour
2 teaspoons gluten-free baking powder
½ cup hazelnut meal (ground hazelnuts)
1 ½ cups chopped rhubarb stems
2 tablespoons chopped hazelnuts (skin on)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C/ 160C fan forced. Grease a 20cm (base diameter) round cake pan. Line base and sides with baking paper.

Using an electric mixer, beat eggs, sugar and zest in a bowl until thick and creamy (minimum beat time 3 minutes). Scrape down sides, drizzle oil in slowly and beat until incorporated. Sift flour, baking powder and hazelnut meal over mixture. Stir to combine.

Spread half the mixture into prepared pan. Sprinkle with half the rhubarb and half the extra sugar. Top with remaining cake mixture. Sprinkle with remaining rhubarb, sugar and hazelnuts. Bake for 1 hour or until a skewer inserted at centre comes out clean. (Mine needed a foil ‘tent’ over it for the last 10 minutes). Cool cake in pan for 10 minutes. Turn out onto a wire rack, right-side up, to cool.

From Recipes+ magazine, Issue 80, March 2013

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  1. Looks great – just wondering if you could use almond meal instead of hazlenut meal. Glad to see another rhubarb lover- I’ve even converted hubby who used to hate it.

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