Given the predominance of cake on this site, you would be forgiven for thinking we think we live on the stuff. Truth is, I get more excited about sweet than savoury, but we do eat healthy meals. The reason they often don’t make it to the blog is because by the time I’m making dinner it’s too late and too dark to start taking pictures, and then by the next day it’s either all gone or packed away in the freezer for next time. But I have had every intention of sharing some of our favourite meals. It just takes a bit of organisation; like making dinner in the morning. So that’s what happened today.

It felt so good to be ready for the toddler’s dinner by 5pm, that I think it will become a habit!



Recently I asked some friends for their favourite winter warming recipes, and realised too late that I should have included a disclaimer. Most the recommendations were for soup, which I rarely make, and for pumpkin soup, which I never make! I think sometimes the dishes you grow up on are not always the ones you want to replicate in your own kitchen. And my mum made a lot of soup! But I like curries. We both do. We especially enjoy Thai curries, and ones without a lot of meat. So, although we have been blessed with spring-like weather lately, winter’s not over yet.

In anticipation of a few more cold, wet and rainy days, let’s put the wok on and cook up a curry.


This one is a fairly recent addition to our favourites list, but is now on rotation so that we have it at least once a month. Especially in the cooler months, its warmth is welcome. Given that it’s so quick, tasty and budget-friendly, there’s no wonder we love it. And given hubby’s aversion to anything fishy, I particularly love that it was written without the need for exotic Asian grocery condiments. No fish sauce here, just salt. And if you don’t have access to Thai basil, then regular sweet basil will do!

Chock full of vegetables, this Thai-style curry is ready in thirty minutes and even better the next day.


Eggplant and Sweet Potato Curry
Adapted, barely from Julie Goodwin

Serves 4

To convert this into a meat meal, reduce the volume of vegetables and add 600g browned chicken thigh fillet while simmering.

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
¼ cup Thai red curry paste
½ sweet potato, peeled and cut into 1.5cm cubes (about 2 cups)
1 eggplant, peeled and cut into 1.5cm cubes (about 4 cups)
1 x 400g tin crushed tomatoes
1 x 400g tin coconut milk
1 tablespoon brown sugar
½ teaspoon salt
½ cup basil leaves

Place oil in a wok or large heavy-based pot, and over low-medium heat, stir fry the garlic until softened. Add the curry paste and stir for another minute, until fragrant.

Add the sweet potato and eggplant and toss to coat in the curry paste. Add the tomatoes, coconut milk, brown sugar and salt. Bring to the boil and reduce the heat. Leave on a high simmer, stirring occasionally, until the sweet potato is tender and all the vegetables have cooked through. Taste and add more salt or sugar if required. Remove from the heat and stir through basil leaves.

Serve with steamed jasmine rice.



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  1. Adapted this to cook in the thermomix last night and it was delicious! Very kid friendly too! Made our own Thai red curry paste to freeze, so I think that this will be on the menu regularly!!! Thanks Ali!

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