Lemon, Cardamom & Coconut TrufflesIt’s been a while between posts. Since the last one, we’ve closed off another year, had Christmas, seen bush fires rage throughout our nation, and the kids have started back at school (thank goodness!). We were lucky enough to spend a week with my brother and his little family in Queensland, and enjoyed the tropical-style weather, with rain on Christmas Day! We decided to visit Australia Zoo on Boxing Day, along with thousands of other tourists and largely thanks to the well-trained staff, we never felt crowded or unwelcome.

Lemon, Cardamom & Coconut TrufflesLemon, Cardamom & Coconut TrufflesLemon, Cardamom & Coconut Truffles

Back to normality now, easing back into the school routine, making new friends, catching up with old ones, choosing which activities to pursue (soccer? piano?). And finally, another blog post. It will come as no surprise that we have yet another lemon recipe on offer. My addiction is well known by now! Ironically, lemons aren’t in season until winter, and yet the bulk of my lemon recipes are posted in summer. Not to worry. This one requires no baking, which is perfect, because my over-worked oven ceased to function last weekend.

Lemon, Cardamom & Coconut TrufflesLemon, Cardamom & Coconut Truffles

My purpose was to create a no-blend bliss ball recipe, as they are notoriously hard to find. But can you really call them bliss balls when they’re made with sweetened condensed milk? Probably not. Nevertheless, they are quick, easy, and not too sweet, and the cardamom makes them next level. Mister 6, who rarely eats my baking, asked this morning, “Mummy, where are those delicious lemon balls you made? How many can I put in my lunchbox?” When the fussiest family member asks for more, you know you’re onto a good thing.

Lemon, Cardamom & Coconut Truffles

If you’re looking for something without refined sugar, why not try my Raw Lime, Pistachio & Coconut Truffles?

Lemon, Cardamom & Coconut Truffles
A recipe for easy, no-blend truffles full of lemon and spice!

Makes 24

350g (3 ½ cups) almond flour (blanched almond meal)
125g (1 ½ cups) desiccated coconut
1 x 320g can coconut condensed milk
4 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon lemon rind
1 ½ teaspoons ground cardamom, more to taste
Extra desiccated coconut, to coat

First rub lemon rind into the desiccated coconut. This will tease out the oil and amp up the lemon flavour. Then add remaining ingredients, and stir to combine. Mixture should be a little sticky but firm enough to roll into balls. Add a little more almond flour if mixture is too wet.

Roll into balls and coat in extra desiccated coconut or hemp seeds if desired. Chill until firm.

Balls can be kept stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks, and frozen for up to 3 months.

3 thoughts on “Lemon, Cardamom & Coconut Truffles {vegan, GF}”

  1. A perfectly light and refreshing sweet treat. I too have a raging addiction to lemons. When I grow up I will have a lemon tree by the kitchen door…Sorry to hear about your oven.

      1. Alison, Good advice. We sold our house and most of our belongings this Autumn and moved to to a cozy house in Costa Rica with lemon trees heavy with fruit. Huzzah!!!

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