We eat a lot of stir-fries in this house. After all, they are quick, easy, healthy and economical – what’s not to love? This one’s great for the end of the week, when all you’ve got is pantry staples and a few wilted vegetables in the fridge. Made with 2-minute noodles, a small tin of tuna and lots of vegetables, this is one of our regular favourites… It will be yours too, once you’ve tried it!

Step 1: Grab your ingredients.


Step 2: Boil the noodles and add seasoning.


Step 3: Chop the vegetables and stir-fry until partially cooked.


 Step 4: Toss with tuna in the wok.


Step 5: Plate up and eat!


2-minute Noodle Stir-fry
Serves 2

As a rough guide, I use one packet of noodles per person and one small tin of tuna for 2. Adjust quantities as needed.

2 x 85g packets 2-minute noodles (I like to use Mee Goreng brand, but any will do)
1 x 95g tin tuna (flavoured or otherwise), drained and flaked
500-600g fresh vegetables – e.g. carrot, broccoli, bok choy, mushrooms, celery, snow peas, capsicum
Oil for the wok

Cook up the noodles as per instructions, adding the spices once noodles are cooked and drained. Set aside.

Adding oil to the wok, fry up the hard vegetables like carrot and broccoli first, toss over high heat until partially softened (I like to add a bit of water to help speed things up). Add the rest of the vegetables, and continue flipping and cooking over medium-high heat for 2 minutes. When vegetables are ready, add noodles and tuna, and toss to combine.

Serve right away, with your choice of condiments (e.g. sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce, salt and pepper).

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