We have had two Christmases so far this year – Christmas lunch on the day itself, and then two days later, dinner with the other side of the family. Nice spacing it out that way!


It has also meant that Christmas baking could also be spaced out… okay, the truth is, I made these fruit mince pies on Christmas Eve, prior to “the disaster” and they all ended up in the compost bin. So I made them again… and they were very good.


I have decided not to include the recipes here, only because your need for any Christmas recipes has probably passed, and also because I made no changes to the superb recipes already shared by Emma at Poires au Chocolat, and you can find instructions for both your own homemade fruit mince and the pastry to encase them here and here.
For now, happy holidays – I’m going to put my feet up and eat another pie. Cheers!


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